Head Ti S6 tennis racquet review


Player level: Beginners

Flexibility: Stiff

Balance: Head Heavy

Weight: Light (8.9 oz.)

Head size: Large (115 sq inch)

Head Ti S6





Ground strokes








Overall rating: 7.9

The Head Ti S6 Tennis racket may seem perfect for all players to use, but it is ideal for the beginners to intermediate level players with short strokes who seek a head start with their game and want to improve their natural playing skills, taking it to the next level. Players like Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic have been found worthy ambassadors of this racket, and I think you should give it a trial.

With carefulness and objectivity, do well to read through this review, to find out more of its amazing features and to know if it best suits your game level.

Technical Racket Details

Without a doubt, the material construction of any racket largely determines how effective that racket is.

Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket comes in a unique design of Graphite and Titanium. You must know that it is a massive racket with a head size of 115 sq. inches equivalent to 742cm and length of 27.75 inches.  Its handling comes with so much power, and you should be prepared ahead.

Designed with an extra length of 27.75 inches, this racket helps a lot with hitting the ball especially if you find it hard getting to some of those hard to reach balls. It also increases the distance from your hand to the racquet head. Besides giving you a longer reach, this also helps you blast the tennis ball over the net.

It comes with a full weight of 8.9 ounces equivalent to 252g and is ranked among some of the most lightweight tennis rackets in the market. It has a stiffness of 75 with a 28.5mm straight beam body which is quite thick and makes your racket even more powerful.

On average the thinnest beams available on the market is 22mm while the thickest is 28mm and Ti S6 is 0.5mm thicker than that. You can pretty much comprehend as to why it is one of the best tennis rackets on the market.

Talking about its string with the synthetic head gut of 61lbs, this gives it one of the best string patterns out there and provides a natural topspin as well. This string bed is quite durable and will shoot the ball like a bullet towards your opponent.

+ pros

It would interest you to check out the many advantages of Head Ti S6 highlighted below:

  • It is arm- friendly and doesn’t stress the wrists and elbows.
  • It is highly durable.
  • Perfect weight and balance with which you can play for hours without any discomfort.

- cons

In the same vein, here’s a look at some of its drawbacks will help place this review on a non-biased scale:

  • Slight Vibration- despite the titanium and graphite construction combined to dampen all sorts of vibrations, the extra power and lightweight profile of the racket still results in slight vibration which can be felt in the hands, elbows and shoulders.
  • Not suitable for Advanced Players-No doubts Ti S6 does an excellent job, but for an advanced player, it’s not ideal, you might want to check out other options in the market. Its features are designed basically for beginners and intermediate level players. The stiffness it provides would be awesome, but I bet you won’t find the extra-large head size spot fascinating.


It is noteworthy that the game of Tennis just got more interesting and competitive with the rise of different racket brands, one of which is Head. The Head stands out as one of the leading brands of sporting equipment. It has very much around since the 90’s with headquarters in Austria, Amsterdam, Kennelbach and Netherlands.

Head Ti S6 is designed with advanced and sophisticated technology. The implementation of these latest technologies in manufacturing the badminton racket gives room for players to be well-rounded in their game. Some of these unique features include:

Titanium and Graphite Construction

It is designed with solid titanium and graphite combination to give it ultra-durability. It also features SofTac™ Grip and ShockStop™ to help a lot in reducing vibration and absorbing shocks at the time of contact with the ball.

Large Head Size

This feature is responsible for natural hitting of the ball over the net. The 115 sq inches in head size, which is one of the largest common head sizes among tennis rackets, affords players an extra edge in not missing the ball entirely. Interestingly too, some players have observed that there was a lot of forgiveness for off-centre shots. For just hitting the ball and getting it over the net to your opponent, the Head Ti S6 is superb!

In starting in the game of tennis, the head size dictates the size of the sweet spot (the ideal spot to hit the tennis ball for best power and spin) and the area which you can contact the ball with.

Light-weight Design and Durability

Head Ti S6 is well known for its lightweight profile and frame durability which is designed to last through the years to come. It comes strung with synthetic head gut which gives its string bed the extra strength to last longer and smash some lethal shots on the court.

In the hands, this racket feels very light because of the amount of power that it possesses, and if you are not used to playing tennis for long hours, you’ll find the Head Ti S6 very accommodating and arm-friendly over some heavier rackets like Wilson Pro Staff RF97.


Having explored all the details of Head Ti S6, with its lightweight construction and durable tennis gear, you’d realize that when in hands, this racquet feels very interesting to play with.

It comes with the perfect combination of large head size, sweet spot and a lightweight form for an unforgettable playing experience. Thankfully, it is a piece of low-cost equipment with a very affordable price. Purchasing it will sure help you win shots and smashes on the court.



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