Head Liquidmetal 8 tennis racket review


Player level: Beginners

Flexibility: Flexible

Balance: Head Heavy

Weight:  Light (9.2 oz.)

Head size: Over Size (112 sq inch)

HEAD Liquidmetal 8 Tennis Racquet, Strung, 4 1/2 Inch Grip

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Ground strokes








Overall rating: 7.9

HEAD is a brand that is known for producing sports gears ranging from shoes, balls to rackets and some other equipment. Their products are known for their durability, high performance and quality, among other features. Today, I will be covering the HEAD Liquidmetal 8 tennis racket, it is one of the most famous tennis rackets produced by HEAD. It is known for its forgiving sweet spot, not weighty with a dominant performance.

It has been designed primarily for intermediate and beginner level players. HEAD Liquidmetal 8 guarantees control, comfort, and maximum power as the manufacturers make use of qualitative materials. This improves the swinging motion and transfer of energy tremendously. It also comes with excellent control. Beautiful features are packed in this racket and below is the breakdown of its features.

Technical Description-Head Liquidmetal 8

HEAD Liquidmetal 8 Tennis racket comes pre-strung along with synthetic head gut at 60 lbs tension. The string is a standard 16-19 pattern with a head size of 112 sq., and this is considered significant. The string gives room for the appropriate amount of spin on the ball. Also ensuring the strings do not break.

It has Liquidmetal technology that results in 29% more power at the time of its impact and also has a NoShox dampening system that aids the reduction of shocks and vibrations by 27% or thereabout. This makes it ideal for intermediate players since they have been playing for a while.

Another description to it is always forgiving sweet spot that comes with it, and it is constructed to make use of a lot of power. A beautiful design is created that increases the torsional stability of the racket’s head.

Another technical specification to this racket is the Integrated String Dampner on the grommets which helps to reduce the vibration of the string. It has a Head HydroSorb grip that makes playing very comfortable. The size of its head is 112 with a weight of 9.2oz unstrung.

+ pros

  • The No shock system, HydroSorb, Integrated String Dampener all make the racket comfortable to play with. The ventilated grip helps to reduce straining of arms or the wrists.
  • Liquidmetal technology aids the maximization of power output and energy return. This requires little effort on your part as regards your shots.
  • The total sweet spot construction gets to the sweet spot, and this increases the confidence of the player’s shots
  • It is accessible on the arms
  • comes pre-strung, thus, can be played as soon as it is delivered
  • It is perfect for beginners, recreational players with a short compact style of swinging.
  • It is lightweight, and this allows for maximum stability and control.

- cons

  • Advanced players are not advised to use this as players can easily depend on it because of its power output and large sweet spot.
  • It is designed for players with short and compact strokes

Features and Benefits – HEAD Liquidmetal 8

Liquidmetal technology

Liquidmetal technology is a distinct material that has a liquid atomic structure that applies to the face of a racket. It takes all the energy of your swing generates for no energy is lost during impact on the ball. As a player, you put less energy but have more power. It is concerned with factors such as a 26 by 28 mm tapered beam, a massive head frame and a 16 by 19 open string pattern. Its emphasis is producing power.

hydroSorb, Integrated String Dampener and NoShox

The NoShox feature has been integrated into the handle of LiquidMetal 8. This consists of memory foam which aids in reducing the vibration by over 27% when compared to other tennis racquets in the market.

There is also an Integrated String Dampener which can be found on the string bed, and this helps in lessening vibration when contact occurs with the ball. What this means is that you can use and at the same time, reduce backlash from your arms.

There is also the HydroSorb feature which has been integrated at the grip of this racket. This means that there is a twin-channel system that comes with perforated holes, which in turn aids maximum comfort, proper ventilation, plus an excellent grip when playing with it.


There is also the lightweight feature that accompanies this racquet. There are a lot of advantages that accrue to it because of this. You get a feather-like an experience once you decide to grab this racket in your hand. It is very light in weight, weighing in at only 10 ounces. This aids in producing a lot of power when the impact is made, and you do not have to sacrifice control or cause any form of strain on your arms.

The lightweight feel it has allows room for you to enjoy maximum control and stability when playing your game. Altogether, this gives you a superior aura and comfort plus an opportunity to enjoy the perfect playing style while on the court.


Overall, this racket has been designed to give room for maximum power and control as well. It comes alongside an advanced form of technology which allows you as a prospective player to enjoy maximum energy return on almost every shot you make. We must emphasize the fact that the racquet has a large sweet spot which aids accuracy.

It would help a lot in the improvement phase of your game and also lessening vibrations to enjoy maximum stability. You should try this racquet once, and I’m pretty sure that you would not regret ever buying it. I must stress that this racquet is still by far one of the best rackets you can get available on the market today for both the beginners and intermediate level players as well.



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