You only live once, but you get to serve twice.

About Us

We are two brothers, Rouben and David Nadav, who love sports and especially racket sports. We decided to start a new and updated site in order for all the sports  lovers to keep up with everything that is new in the racket world.

Our mission

Our mission is to expose the wonderful games of tennis, table tennis (“ping pong”), racquetball, squash and pickleball  to general audience.

To encourage all ages to spend time constructively and as a measure for residents living around a training center to live a healthier lifestyle.

Our Vision

That more people will get out of their couches and start living a healthier and more productive lives by playing more recreational or professional sports.

9 training tips to improve you tennis strength and conditioning

9 tips tailored towards enhancing traits that best tennis players have.... Single and Double Leg/Arm (Uni/Bi-Lateral) Strength and Power, Rotational and anti-rotation strengths, the ability to quickly absorb and then produce force.

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